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A lighter Chrome's brother with social features and a modern sidebar

Opera Software ASA | 1 more apps |
updated on September 15, 2023
98.2mb | free


A different, yet charming design
Lightweight, easy to install and use
A useful sidebar with social instant messaging buttons
Great resource management for users with low-end PCs
Fast loading times
Supports installing also Chrome extensions


Overall, it's not the best browser in any major category
The choice of extensions feels poor
Switching to Opera feels like a good choice only for lower-end PCs
Price: $
The browser war is real and it seems to all about Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10). However, that doesn't mean other browsers are not worthy of your attention.

Meet Opera, a Google Chromium-based web browser which uses the open-source code of Google Chrome changed to suit its specific style. It can be used on any operating system and platform, including mobile devices. It's lightweight and its data can be synced on multiple devices and platforms.

Its user interface is somewhat different than what we are used to. Instead of a top-side menu, it uses a sidebar with icons for various browser features and settings. We love the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp icons, which open a small side window where you can chat with your friends. Besides that, you will find other things quite similar to Google Chrome, from its settings to the familiar tabbed look.

What can really put Opera besides other top browsers is its fast loading times. When it comes to initial startup (opening Opera) it had one of the worst loading times when compared to the top browsers on the market. However, once it has started, it performs very similar, with excellent loading speeds when navigating from site to site.

Another thing which it can brag about is its resource consumption. Chrome was actually quite notorious for its large memory consumption, but new updates managed to turn that around and actually make Google Chrome consume the least amount of memory of all popular browsers. Opera is a close second in that spot, which is definitely something to consider.

You can transfer everything from other browsers: your search history, bookmarks, website logins, and even cookies. It feels like Google Chrome and it will always be a great alternative for users not ready to make a major switch to Firefox or Edge!
Reviewed by (editor rating 4 out of 5 starsEditor's pick Sooftware editor's pick

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